Alpha α Al-fuh
Beta β Bey-Tah
Gamma γ Gamm-uh
Delta δ Dell-ta
Epsilon ε Epp-sil-on
Zeta ζ Zay-ta(Pronounce the E as a A)
Eta η Ay-Ta
Theta θ The-Ta
Iota ι Ee-o-ta
Kappa κ Kah-pp-uh
Lambda λ Lamm-duh
Mu μ M-uu
Nu ν N-uu
Xi ξ See
Omicron ο Omm-mi-cronn
Pi π Pie
Rho ρ Row
Sigma ς Sigg-ma
Tau τ Tow
Upsilon υ Upp-sil-on
Phi φ Fie
Psi ψ Psiy
Omega ω O-megg-a

This is the greek Alphabet.

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