• Mercatorprojection

    I hate you, Wikipedia.

    Sure, you help me answer strange questions.Sure, you sometimes cater to my taste. But I hate you. Why?

    It seems like every time I go there, I find an article that either 1) dumb 2) good, but needs more content, or 3) offensive to me. Rechochet: Infinity should have much more to it than you idoits seem to think. And where's Blasterball? A full list of Breakout clones, and of all things, Blasterball, Strikeball, and Megaworld Smash aren't included? What is wrong with you? 

    Thank you, wikipedia, for giving me a topic to rant about. Thank you for being there when I didn't need it. Thank you for writing about dumb things that only dumb people would want to know. You gave me a reason to go here instead.

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