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Math Geek is a performance wiki about math. It can help you with all of your math needs. We have sections about all of you math topics! Before you begin editing, please view Copyright and The old version of this home page.

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Math Geek has lots of topics for you to view with over 200 pages of math topics, you can become a genius in a matter of moments with all your math help and extra information. If you need extra math help, you can get live help by participating on the Forums, the Live talk or view the Admin emails.

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Rational Numbers:

Noun (Rat'shun-nal, Num-bur) Any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction (p/q) with the denominator (q) not equal to zero is known as rational number.

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February 2 - 2016: Give us homepage information!: We really appreciate help. So could anyone have the heart to share their ideas for homepage redesign?

February 3 - 2016: Page cleanup: Pages have been looking wild lately. We are completely okay with people cleaning up our pages.

February 29 - 2016: Wiki Math is allowing Chat!: Well, let's just say that we allowed it because, what if you need math help immediately?

September 14 - 2016: So, we may have removed the chat feature...: We got rid of it because it is inactive. Once this wiki becomes more active, we will reactivate it.

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